Mercedes-Benz 190 D 190 D 2.5 190 D 2.5 Turbo - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

This book contains a brief device description and a detailed list of maintenance, maintenance and repair of the car Mercedes-Benz models 190 D, 190 D and 190 D 25 25 Turbo world famous company Daimler-Benz. Its content has lots of information related to the topics: Operation of the automobile, the Organization of car repairs, maintenance materials, So this book is interesting not only for owners of listed car models, but also following a wide range of both experienced and novice professionals and entrepreneurs:

■ Professional service repair shops:

Unable to obtain data on procedure-specific models described operations for the care, maintenance and repair; to inform about the labelling, use and qualities of a modern performance materials that are currently used in Western countries that had or in the near future -this should be sure - will appear on the market in Eastern Europe and the CIS the book contains, in addition to the General scheme of electrical equipment, wiring diagrams of individual devices and systems of the described models of the car.

■ Independent entrepreneurs, offering their services to the

repair and maintenance of the car:

In addition to the above material to them (especially starting operations) will be interested in information about the organization of the workplace, necessary tool, techniques and methods of Troubleshooting the car.

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