Repair manual Mitsubishi Colt / Mitsubishi Colt Plus, manufactured since 2002. These cars fitted with gasoline-powered models 4G19, 4А90 (volume 1.3 liters) and 4G15, 4А91 (volume 1.5 litres).

The book is a phased manual containing instructions for maintenance and operation of Mitsubishi. The manual contains information on carrying out fault diagnostics, repair and adjustment of engine systems such as MPI (fuel injection system), MIVEC (variable valve timing), ignition systems, engine start, etc.).

Also in the manual there are instructions for using the system self-diagnosis COURT, electric power steering, ABS, ASC, SRS.

In the presence of a detailed electric circuit Mitsubishi Colt / Mitsubishi Colt Plus, description of checks of items of electrical equipment.

ISBN 978-5-88850-514-4

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