A collection of guidelines on repair of vehicles manufactured by NISSAN from 1991 to the present day. In this guide collected information on dimensions of vehicles, control points, images of cross sections of body parts, the materials used (high-strength steel, galvanized steel). Recommendations for primenenem types, methods, materials and welding; sites and materials for application of suture, sound insulation, anticorrosion mastics; places and destinations cutting body parts for subsequent installation of new ones; types of interior materials, marking and decoding.
The guide provides information on such models NISSAN: A32, A33, B10,C11,E11,J10,J10E,J31,J32,K11,N15,N16E,P12,T30,UA0 PIXO, D22,D40,P10,P11,R20,R51,S14 200SX, Y61, HC23, C23, Z50, Z51, T31, Z33COUPE, Z33 ROADSTER, Y10, W10, V10.

Release: 1991

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