Repair manual, operation and maintenance of trucks, Nissan Cabstar, Atlas (Atras), Condor 1984-1996 years of manufacture, equipped with petrol engines and diesel NA20S engines TD25, TD27, BD30, FD42, FD46.
The manual describes the model of Nissan F23 (Atlas, Atras) and Nissan Н41 (Condor).
The manual contains detailed information necessary for step-by-step repair components and assemblies of the vehicle. In a separate section of the publication includes diagrams of electrical equipment (electrical circuits) of the car Nissan Atlas, Cabstar, Condor.
Step-by-step and clear description of repair procedures, abundance of pictures, extensive reference repair data will allow qualified to pick up options for replacing parts, make the corresponding adjustment, edit, body, other repair and adjusting operations.

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