Opel Astra - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Astra model release is a Saloon (Sedan) with 4 doors. 3 and 5 door type Hatchback (liftback) rear door, as well as body type Estate (Wagon) and Van (Van). The market model is implemented GSi only with body Hatchback.
There are five modifications of diesel engines for the Astra, although not all engines have on the markets. Engines of 1,4; 1,6; 1:8 and 2.0 l have a single overhead camshaft, 2.0-liter, in addition, two overhead camshafts (installed on the model GSi). On all engines used fuel injection, and all are equipped with a cleaning system control and exhaust emissions, with the exception of the gasoline engine in volume of 1,4 l
Five speed manual transmission is usually installed on all models and a four speed automatic with electronic control unit order on some models.
Large range of standard equipment and possible options in the range model Astra, corresponding to different tastes, the device includes anti lock brakes ABS

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