Opel Vectra / Calibra 1988-1995 - repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Car Opel Vectra produced since 1988. It is a front wheel drive car, which uses modern design solutions. At its base the sports coupe Calibra. Cars can be equipped with different engines have either front or all-wheel drive, as well as various modifications of the exterior and interior.
All engines, both gasoline and diesel, has a top position of the camshaft driven by a toothed belt. In the most powerful versions of the engines have four valves per cylinder and, respectively, two camshaft on the same cylinder head.
The power supply system of gasoline engines can be both carburetor and fuel injection system. Both gasoline and diesel engines can be equipped with a turbocharger. All engines use an electronic control system (computer), ensuring the stability of performance and minimal exhaust emissions.

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