Peugeot 306 1993-1995 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Book on repair and maintenance, including road repair and Troubleshooting, applicable to automobiles Peugeot 306 1993-1997 release (before upgrading), sedan and station wagon, petrol engines:
1,124 l, 59л.with.
1,36 l, 74л.with.
1.58 l, 87l.with.
1,761 l, 89л.with.
1,761 l, 110 l.with.
1,905 liters of diesel, 70hp.with.
Turbo - diesels:
1,905 L., 89л.with.
2,088 l, 108л.with.
The description does not cover cars convertible and is equipped with a petrol 16 valve engine 2.0 l and 2.0 l petrol engines with turbo - supercharging.

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