Technical guidance for repair, maintenance and installation of the car BMW 3-series (1990+) represents car owners and auto masters data on car repairs BMW 3-series produced between 1990 and equipped with engines of these models models: M40 B16, M40 B18, M42-B18, M50-B20, M50-B25, M41-17 4Т1, M51-25 6Т1. This guide contains information on such topics as: internal combustion engines gasoline and diesel, digital control system operation of the diesel engine BMW DDE and engine management systems MOTRONIC M1.3; M1.7; M3.1, transmission with a manual shift GETRAG and ZF , and auto switching GM and ZF. This manual also contains information on the differential rear axle (conventional and high friction), front suspension type swinging candle, and independent multi-link rear suspension, a separate section of the manual describes the steering autoable with amplifier and without brakes with anti-lock system, electrical equipment and electrical circuits, car body and its structure, in the presence of IACEE control points of the bodywork of BMW.

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