Manual operation, repair and maintenance of Skoda Favorit / Skoda Forman 1989 - 1992 release with petrol engines Skoda 781.135 of 1.3 l / 43 kW (59 HP) and Skoda 781.136 of 1.3 l / 46 kW (63 HP).
Described in this Manual model, Skoda Favorit were presented to the market in the summer of 1989. Engine capacity 1289 SMZ with overhead valve is similar to that used in previous models Skoda but it has been upgraded. 5-speed box. Models with the following options body: passenger five-door Hatchback and station Wagon (Forman), as well as cargo Van and Pickup truck. The purpose of this Guide: to become simple and clear instruction that will allow competently discuss and plan repair Your car with a professional mechanic or run it on their own. This can be done in several ways. Guide will help You to decide what you need to do the job (even if you decide that You will make it in the Studio), to diagnose and to provide information on the technical condition, determine sequence of operations and diagnostics for maintenance or repair. Nevertheless, I hope that You will use this Guide for self-perform work. When conducting simple operations will be even faster than a car maintenance workshop, where you twice to come to leave to pick up the car. And perhaps most importantly, you can save some money to pay for the work. For maintenance and repair must have a good set of metric wrenches, screwdrivers and measuring probes, as these simple hand tools are used in most studies. The text is a warning when to repairs required special tools or special training. The Guide provides illustrations and descriptions showing the function of various parts and their location. The work described and photographed in a phased sequence, so that they can perform even a novice.

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