Provides guidance that describes a technical device, operation, maintenance and repair of automobiles SUBARU LEGACY / OUTBACK / LEGACY TOURING WAGON / LEGACY / B4 / LEGACY LANCASTER 1999-2006 model years. These cars equipped with internal combustion engines (SOHC or DOHC) working volume 2.0 liters; 2.0 liters TURBO; 2.5 litres and 3.0 litres.
The book contains detailed data on the diagnosis and repair of engine control. There are also instructions for using the system self-test automatic transmission and ABS. Recommendations on the repair manual (with divider and without divider) and adjustment of four and five speed automatic gearboxes (including SportShift). Very useful information on repair of elements of the management system all-wheel drive (Active АWD and 4WD VTD), brake systems (including ABS, VDC and the system holding the car on the rise), steering and suspension (including air suspension).
In a separate section of the guide lists possible faults and malfunctions, describes methods of their elimination, there are data on the mating dimensions of the main parts and identifies the limits of their allowable wear. Recommended lubricants and working fluids used, there are detailed electrical schematic diagrams and layouts of wire harness and connectors of SUBARU cars.

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