Chevrolet Aveo 2006 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Operation manual and maintenance Chevrolet Aveo sedan (M250) in 2006, it established the petrol engines working volume of 1.5 l - SOHC 62 kW (85 HP) 1.6 l - DOHC 78 kW (107 HP).
The manual tells all users of the Chevrolet Aveo how to properly carry out the necessary operations for the inspection and necessary repair of engines and their systems, transmission with automatic and manual transmission, steering booster, brake systems with ABS, other mechanisms of the car Chevrolet Aveo. This service manual will support the owner with the necessary information not only on the overpass or in the garage, but can be a daily indispensable attribute of on the road in the moments of force majeure, when in addition to this book and no one else will be able to help out.

Publisher: Avtomaster

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