Provides guidance on repair and maintenance of cars Chery Tiggo produced since 2005. Chery Tiggo is equipped with petrol engines models SQR481FC (1,8 liters), 4G63S4M (volume 2.0 liters) and 4G64S4M (volume of 2.4 liters). This reference guide described in detail the structure of the car, lists recommendations for maintenance and repair on their own. A separate section of the manual is devoted to possible malfunctions in the way and in how self diagnose and resolve on their own.
The book contains about 2,500 color photos, which show details the whole process step-by-step repair car Chery Tiggo.
The manual contains separate sections describing the work on the maintenance and repair of major components and systems of the car. In these sections of the book contains lists of possible breakdowns and malfunctions and tips on self-elimination. Also in the repair manual have the data necessary to perform the disassembly, Assembly, adjustment and repair of components and systems for cars Chery Tiggo.

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