Presents multi-color illustrated guide to maintenance and repair CHEVROLET LACETTI, equipped with a gasoline internal combustion engine capacity of 1.4 l, 1.6 l and 1.8 liters. This book contains complete and accurate information about the design of all major systems of the car CHEVROLET LACETTI.
In the repair manual describes technical data subject to breakage and malfunction CHEVROLET, their possible causes and methods of self-eliminate a car owner.
In separate sections we describe the necessary conditions of carrying out of repair work, tools and complexity of operations.
All technical operations are accompanied by color photographs and is equipped with a clear review experts.
Additional Applications of the guide provides data, tools, lamps, lighting fixtures and the electrical equipment of automobiles LACETTI. It also provides information about the recommended lubricants and other fluids, the specified tightening torques of threaded connections.

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