Presented at workshop manual, operating instructions and maintenance of the Volvo SUV XC90. XC90 is equipped with petrol engines volume of 2.5 litres (5-cylinder, 20-valve, turbo pouting), 2,9 litres (6-cylinder, 24-valve, turbo pouting), 3.2 liters (6-cylinder, 24-valve), 4,4 litres (8-cylinders, 32-valve) or diesel engine of 2.4 liters (5-cylinders 20-valves turbo pouting). The book contains complete and detailed description of all maintenance procedures and repair of possible damage of the car Volvo XC90. Also in the manual are specifications for all major systems, components and assemblies to the Volvo. Detailed and clearly described the methods of diagnosis of breakdowns and faults, as well as the ways and methods of their elimination forces a driver. In this remarkable book there are also electrical diagrams Volvo XC90, specified tightening torques of threaded connections is important, lists the fault codes.

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