Volvo Electronic Wiring Diagram 2004-2005 - album electrical circuits.
Drive for a HUNDRED official dealer, contains highly detailed electric schemes in the Russian and English languages for the following models:
Album the circuits S40 since
Album the circuits V50 since
Album of diagrams S60 S60R
Album the circuits S70,V70,V70R,XC70 c
Album the circuits S80,S80 Executive c
Album the circuits XC90 XC90 Executive c

Each album is divided into chapters:

A. Designation of parts
Each item has a part number,consisting of two parts.At the end of the book there is a parts list with part numbers to find the name of the part.

V. branch Point
On the pages of the circuits are numbered branch point.In the section Pulling harnesses in a car showing where the branch point.

C. the connectors
The connectors, appearance,marking diagrams, and location in the car.
D. Electrical distribution

Function of fuses and relays is presented in section Electrical distribution.
E. Computer communication
Connecting digital buses CAN and MOST not fully shown on the electrical drawings. Full information on the CAN buses and the MOST is in the section control Blocks.

F. Reduction
The manual uses a number of different cuts. Explanations are given in the section Abbreviations.

G. Location details
At the end of the book there is a section where in numerical order describes the type and location details.

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