VAZ 2110i, 2111i, 2112i (School repair) - a multimedia user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Visual information on methods of repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle;
The maximum saturation of photographs (more than 2000 photos);
Step-by-step repair, including overhaul of engine and transmission;
Color scheme of electrical equipment
DOP. information: the structure of the car
The faults in the way
Brake system
Electrical equipment

First run of the program.
After installation, wait for automatic launch.
If the program does not start, run d:\vaz2110i16.exe,
where d: is Your CD drive

Attention!!! To complete the work program recommended
to install drivers for access to Databases version 2.5 (Mdac).
The program automatically determines the current version of Your driver
and offers installation.
If the program does not work or for whatever reason this did not happen,
run the file MDAC_TYP.EXE.

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