ZAZ Chance - user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle and parts catalog.
This Manual is intended to acquaint You with the device, operation and maintenance of Your car. In addition, the Guide contains important information on safe operation of the vehicle. We strongly advise You to carefully study this Manual and follow all the recommendations contained in it. This will ensure the safety operation, reliable and trouble-free operation of units and car systems throughout the lifespan and will bring a sense of satisfaction to the owner of the car.
The car is intended for running on-road 1-3 category who meet the requirements DBI V. 2,3-4, DBN V. 2.3-5 and DSTU 3587.
The car is designed for operation at ambient temperatures from minus 30C to + 40C and a relative humidity of 80% at 15""S.

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