Brand, Nova Tavria, Slavuta c 1988 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Operation manual, repair and technical maintenance of the car Tavria Nova Tavria Slavuta starting with the 1988 model year with petrol engine MeMZ-245 (1.1 l), MeMZ-246 (1.1 l), MeMZ-2457 (1,2 l), MeMZ-2477 (1.2 L.), MeMZ-3011 (1,3 l), MeMZ-3071 (1.3 liter).
We offer to your attention a guide to repair and maintenance of the family car Tavriya/ Nova Tavria/ Slavuta of the Zaporozhye car factory. The operations described in relation to the car ZAZ Slavuta 110307 with a fuel-injected engine MeMZ-2477(1.2 l).
In the publication discussed in detail the car device, recommendations for maintenance and repair. A special section is dedicated to faults in the path and methods to diagnose and resolve them.
All the topics that describe the maintenance and repair of units and systems, contain lists of possible malfunctions and recommendations for their elimination, as well as guidance on disassembly, Assembly, adjustment and repair of components and vehicle systems using a standard set of tools in a garage.
Instructions for dismantling, Assembly, adjustment and repair of components and vehicle systems using prefabricated parts and assemblies given step-by-step detail and illustrated with color photographs and drawings, through which even a novice car owner can easily understand in repair operations.
Structurally, all repairs are divided into systems and units where they are (starting from the engine to the body). As required operations is provided with the alerts and tips based on the practices of experienced motorists.
The structure of the book is made so that pictures or drawings without a serial number are graphical complement to the subsequent paragraphs. In the description of the works, which include intermediate operations, the latter is indicated in the form of links to the section and page where they described in detail.
The annexes contain the necessary for operation, service and repair information about points of tightening screw connections, petrol, oil and lubricants and operational fluids used lamps and spark plugs, tire pressure.
At the end of the book contains color wiring diagrams.

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