Gazelle Business 3302-3902010-20 re - repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Reliable, comfortable cars GAZelle family is designed to operate on roads with improved surface (all-wheel drive vehicles and buses - on the roads of all technical categories) to different climatic conditions. The family of GAZelle presented in this Manual includes the following models:
Vehicles of category N1:
Cars GAE-3302 type 4x2 GAS-33027 type 4x4 with a triple cabin and flatbed.
Cars GAE-33023 type 4x2 and GAE-330273 Tina 4x4 with a six-seater cab and a flatbed.
Car GAE-330202 type 4x2 with a triple cabin, and an elongated side platform.
The car GAS-330232 type 4x2 with a six-seater cabin, and an elongated side platform.
Cars GAZ-2705 type and 4x2 GAZ-27057 type 4x4 with all-metal body with a three - or seven-seater cabin.
Vehicles of category M2:
Special passenger vehicles GAE-3221 type 4x2 and GAE-32217 type 4x4 8 (9) passengers.
Special passenger vehicles FA3-32213 type 4x2 GAZ-322173-type 4x4 12 (13) passenger seats.
Buses GAE-322132 and GAE-322133 type 4x2 12 (13) passenger seats.
Note. In parentheses are the number of passenger seats in case of installation in
cab double passenger seat (except for the car 12(13) seats,
where the passenger seat cabin - double, and the rear row of seats of the cabin - triple or quadruple).
For use as a transport for public use (Shuttle vehicles) is only a bus GAS-322132 and GAS-322133.

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