The guide contains a brief description of the design of diesel engines D-50 and D-50 LITERS, it also outlines the basic rules of operation of engines and maintenance for them, described possible operational malfunctions and their solutions.
Designed for operators, drivers and minders of machines and units, which are installed engines D-50 and D-50 LITERS, mechanics and other persons engaged in the operation and maintenance of engines. The factory complies with the technical documentation as of may 1, 1968.
Engines D-50 and D-50 LITERS, manufactured by the Minsk motor plant are used as the power unit on wheeled tractors MTZ-50, MTZ-50, MTZ-52, MTZ-52Л, MTZ-50X, crawler tractors T-54B, T-54S, T-54Л, excavators etc-181, etc-201 and
ETTS-202, loaders D-451, D-560, D-566 and other machines for various purposes. The engines differ from the previously unreleased for tractors of class 1.4 tons of low-weight, superior power and economic performance, reduced dimensions, higher durability. The engines are different starting systems: engine D-50 has a system start from the electric starter, D-50L - from starting a carbureted engine that runs an electric starter. Design of mechanisms and engines designed for long, at least 5,000 operating hours, work without major repairs with proper operation and timely maintenance.

Publisher: Harvest/DjVu(fully recognized)+DOC

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