Diagnosis of electronic vehicle systems.
The textbook describes basic methods, technological methods and technical means of diagnostics of electronic systems, units and individual functional units, which are currently widely used in automotive on-Board automatic control and management. Set out the questions of diagnostics and fault finding on automotive internal combustion engines, questions, coding, Troubleshooting and reading error codes. Describes the modern requirements for cleaning the exhaust of exhaust gases according to the standards of OBD-P(USA) and EOBD-II (EU), and engine diagnostics for the analyzer, universal motor tester, automotive diagnostic scanner. Provides information on the basic measuring devices that are used when carrying out automotive diagnosis. A significant part of the textbook is devoted to the examination of knowledge of the specialists in the repair and diagnosis of engines of modern passenger car by test exam. Given exam questions and give detailed answers on them.
A training manual has been tested in Samara technical University while studying Technical means of testing and diagnosing systems electronics and automation of car and tractors. It may also be useful to specialists in the repair and diagnosis of electronic systems in conditions of service for undergraduate and graduate students of Universities..

Publisher: SOLON-Press
Series: the Library will repair, Issue 8

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