The fuel injection system - Part 4
System fuel injection (gasoline) gained wide popularity all over the world. The best cars of the famous firms equipped with varying injection system. This manual contains wiring diagrams injection systems for the following models:
LE3-JETRONIC: Alfa - Romeo 33 (1.7 l)
Fiat Uno Turbo 1.3 (89)
Lancia Y10 1.3 l
Thema 16 V
Opel Kadett 1.8 l
Omega 1.8 l
Peugeot 405 GRI, SRI 1.9 l
Citroen BX 19 GTi
LH-JETRONIC: Peugeot 505 6 V
Saab 900 Turbo 16 V
Volvo 440/480 Turbo (B18F/FT)
Volvo 740 16 V (AT 204E)
DIGIFANT: VW Golf GTi 1.8 l
VW Jetta GTi 1.8 l
VW Polo/Derby
MOTRONIC ML4.1: Alfa Romeo 33 16 V
75 Twin Spark
164 Twin Spark
164 3.0 l
Citroen BX19 GTi 16 V
Opel Omega 2.0 l
Peugeot 405 MM 6
The book is intended for employees of service stations, as well as trained drivers and continues the series of books about fuel systems ","the Car companies of the world"".

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