AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - an illustrated manual.
Operation manual, diagnostics and maintenance of vehicles with an automatic gearbox.
Described in detail the various types and models of automatic transmission cars.
The manual sets out the basic principles of operation of the vehicle with automatic transmission.
Through extensive photographic material, drawings and diagrams, examines the device, the basic elements and operation of the automatic transmission. The focus is on the diagnosis of faults and maintenance of various automatic.
Automatic gearbox - one of the most complex and expensive elements of a modern car. Unfortunately, most car owners with automatic not fully familiar with the operation of such machines, which often leads to negative consequences. And
avtolubiteley enough to buy a car with automatic gearbox, sometimes face insurmountable, in their view, problems: when and how to change the oil, how to determine its quality, what kind of oil you can use in one way or another the automatic transmission, how to drive a car with automatic gearbox, what modes of operation are provided, etc. All these issues for many motorists pose a mystery for the family seals.
Therefore, the authors of the book, with experience of repairing automatic transmissions, has tried, whenever possible, to give answers to these questions, All the instruction is based on the actual material (prepared on the basis of materials and using the experience of our employees TAHOE transmishn).
The book discusses the problem of testing automatic without the use of special devices, explained the purpose of each control modes of the automatic transmission.
Carefully considered the basic operation of the ACP - such as "economical", "sports", starting off on a slippery road, etc. the Book will be useful as for owners of vehicles with an automatic gearbox, and for those who think to buy this car, but did not dare to do it.

Year: 2010

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