Lotus Elise 1997-2000 Service Manual - repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

The complete guide to repair and maintenance of sport car Lotus Elise 1997-2000 model years.




Technical Data - Engine TDL

Vehicle TDM

Chassis AF

Bodycare &Repair BM

Body Fittings BN

Front Suspension CG

Rear Suspension DE

Engine (inc. Rover publication RCL 0057ENG) IT

Engine Management EMN

Transmission (inc. Rover publication RCL 0124ENG) FH

Wheels & Tyres GF

Steering HE

Brakes JH

Engine Cooling KF

Fuel System LH

Electrics MN

Maintenance & Lubrication OG

Heating & Ventilation PF

Air Conditioning, Heating &Ventilation (2000 M. Y.) PH

Clutch QF

Motorsport XA

340R Supplement 340R

Exige Exige Supplement

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