SCOOTER Zongshen ZS50QT-4 - user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the + Original parts catalog.
This Handbook is designed for staff in scooters Zongshen, as well as for users wishing to examine the methods of maintenance and repair the scooter ZS50QT-4.
This edition focuses the reader's attention on design, problems, how to repair the scooter ZS50QT-4 and its parts. The guide also gives a General idea about the service of the scooter and the tools designed for your service. The book contains both descriptive and graphical data, so that readers can get a comprehensive picture, both design and skills to service and repair the scooter ZS50QT-4.
For a better understanding when reading this manual, readers can refer to the spare parts table and a directory of the scooter ZS50QT-4 and instructions on the scooter ZS50QT-4.
The book describes only the basic type of scooter ZS50QT-4. Users of scooters than is described here, the model can use this guide for reference.


The original catalog of parts and Assembly units for scooter Zongshen ZS50QT-4. Contains comprehensive data and detailed descriptions of catalog numbers with the images of all nodes are of excellent quality.

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