IZH Planeta, Jupiter - guide to repair and maintenance of motorcycle.
Guidance on repair and maintenance of motorcycles IZH ""planet"" / ""Jupiter"" the 4-th and 5-th generation. Reviewed all models of motorcycles and their engines ( air and water cooling, with joint and several lubrication systems), and described in detail a cargo motorcycles IZH 6.920 GR and IL 6.92003.
The book gives a description of the construction of the road motorcycle IZH Planeta and IZH Jupiter 4-th and 5-th generations and created on their basis trucks motorcycles. Detailed recommendations on Troubleshooting possible fault components, assemblies and systems are operations for disassembly, Assembly and repair of components and assemblies, and their regulations. Given tolerances and main landing mating parts of some units and units, given a list of special equipment for repairing motorcycles. Describes the process of assembling cargo motorcycle based road bike and a cargo module and features the original repair units and units gruzovogo motorcycle.
The book can be useful as for owners of motorcycles and for stations of technical maintenance and repair of motorcycles.

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