Provides guidance that describes cars Daewoo Nexia 1995 unreleased with the year (model N100) and after the facelift in 2008 year (model N150). The manual described in detail the structure of the car, advice on routine operation and self-repair. A separate section of the book describes the identification and elimination of faults detected in the path.
Separate sections of the book describe the maintenance and repair of systems and components, there are also instructions for disassembly, Assembly, adjustment and repair of units and systems of the car Daewoo Nexia.
The above-described operation is provided with additional icons, which characterize the complexity of the work performed and the number of required performers and venue of such work.
Applications for more information about the time of tightening the threaded connections, volumes, and brands of lubricants and fluids, spark plugs, the body sizes. The book also has color electrical schematic wiring of the car Daewoo Nexia.

Publisher: Third Rome

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