Fiat Ritmo (Strada), Regata 1979 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Fiat Regata can be considered the perfect family car because it has the largest body volume and a number are installed on the customer's choice of equipment to suit every taste. Technically similar to the Regata Fiat Ritmo and has a similar construction. The Fiat Regata establishes the following petrol engines: 1300, 1300 ES ("Energy Saver"), 1500, 1600 and 1600 TC ("Twin Camshaft"). All engines have a tried and tested design. From August 1986 production model Regata 100 S i.e. It has a modified 1600 engine vehicle with fuel injection system.
Cars Regata produced with a body of two types: Saloon (sedan) and Weekend (station wagon). Both the body and look good, except the bumpers are around the perimeter of the protective moldings from cast rubber. Rear bumper body Weekend leans back, forming a convenient to download the low platform. Regata, like all modern cars, requires minimal maintenance. Cars Strada, Ritmo and Regata can be installed 4 - or 5-speed manual transmission or 3-speed automatic transmission. Most of the operations for maintenance and repair of these vehicle is not difficult, and when carrying out maintenance at the recommended time will be provided reliable and prolonged operation of the vehicle.
Fiat Strada is a small, economical car, with a body of type "hatchback". Through the use of proven components and assemblies, cars Strada durable and reliable in operation.
Maintenance and repair require a minimum of special tools. On the car model 75 lightweight basic repair operations such as dismantling of the engine and the drive wheels.
Standard equipment meets the modern requirements and gives the car an elegant appearance. Car Strada is one of the few modern models that successfully combines good design and manufacturability. In General, the car makes a good impression on the consumer.
In the preparation of this book and used cars Fiat Strada Super 85 and '1987 Fiat Regata 100 S i.e. .

Genre:Manual repair and maintenance
Publisher: Grand

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