A colorful guide to technical repair, maintenance and installation of car Ford Mondeo third generation, which belongs to the segment and equipped with petrol engines of 1.6 liters (110 and 125 h.p.); 2.0 liters (145 h.p.) ; 2.3 liters (161 h.p.); 2.5 litres (220 h.p.) and diesel engines 1.8 liters (100 and 125 h.p.); 2,0 l (140 h.p.) and 2.2 liters (170 h.p.).
This manual is considered device car Ford and describes the best practices for its repair and maintenance. A separate section will help the car owner to deal with faults in the way will familiarize you with the ways to diagnose and resolve them.
Technical operations for the adjustment, disassembly and Assembly, repair a car described in the manual and are characterized by complexity of work, number of performers, the venue of work and the necessary amount of time needed to accomplish it.

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