Ford Bronco II, Explorer, Ranger 1983-1994 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
FORD BRONCO II, EXPLORER, RANGER, 1983-94 production years. Models with gasoline engines: 2,0; 2,3; 2,8; 2,9; 3,0; 4,0 L. Models with diesel engines: a 2.2; a 2.3 L. a Practical guide.
In this guide discusses methods for repair of FORD BRONCO II, EXPLORER, RANGER, 1983-94 production years, as well as faults, their diagnostics and Troubleshooting.
The guide describes the design of the car is set out consistently and in detail various Assembly-deconstruction operation, repair and adjusting works on the car. The described techniques work in a specialized workshop with use of special devices. Also specific recommendations for car care in a home workshop.
The guide is intended for technically competent car owners and employees of service stations.

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