Guidance on repair and maintenance of Ford Focus II

We offer you a guide to repair and maintenance of Ford Focus II with engine 1.6 liter R4 WVDuratec Ti-VCT.

In all the sections on maintenance and repair of units and systems, is given in the form of tables lists of possible failures and recommendations for their elimination. Instructions for dismantling, Assembly, adjustment and repair of components and vehicle systems using prefabricated parts and assemblies given in the operational and illustrated with photographs and drawings. Techniques of repair and car maintenance are described using the standard set of tools available to each motorist.

In each section of the book is "Helpful hints" based on the experience of experts. Also in the book you will find the following:

In the section "Device" provides General information about the car and his passport data. Describes in detail the keys of locks, controls and instrumentation, methods of controlling heating and ventilation of the cabin, adjusting the seat position and the transmission control;

In the section "Fault in the way" summarizes the experience of many motorists, which will help to eliminate virtually any sudden failure of the car. The order of fault finding is illustrated with photos;

The annexes contain the necessary for operation, service and repair information about points of tightening screw connections, the air pressure in the tires and gas volumes;

At the end of the book shows a color scheme of electrical equipment.

The structure of the book is made so that pictures or drawings without a serial number are graphical complement to the subsequent paragraphs. In the description of the works, which include intermediate operations, the latter is indicated in the form of links to the section and page where this operation is described in detail.

The book can be useful to all motorists performing car repairs of any complexity on their own.

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