Great Wall Safe user's Manual of the vehicle.

Universal cars "Great Wall" company have high technical and operational characteristics, beautiful appearance and
efficiency. In their design uses the latest technologies and achievements of the global automotive industry.
Mounted on the engine 491QE electronic control multipoint fuel injection made by technology company "Toyota". It has
plenty of power (101 HP), good efficiency (fuel consumption 7 l per 100 km), low noise and pollution of the environment (responsible
the requirements of Euro-2 standard).

I. specifications
II. Instruments and controls
III. Running and driving
IV. Maintenance and repair
V. Possible malfunctions and ways of their elimination
VI.Tool and marking
VII.Audio CD/VCD 4B90V
VIII.Sensors (system barriers)
Appendix 1. Tightening torque of mounting bolts the basic parts and components
Appendix 2.Gas volumes and grade of lubricants and liquids
Appendix 3.Electric equipment of the car "Great Wall"

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