Guidance on installation, repair and maintenance of car Honda Fit / Honda Jazz release period 2001-2007, with motors models L13A and L15A.
Presented at exclusive Manual for Honda Fit repair and workshop Manual for Honda Jazz. This manual describes the device car Honda Fit and Honda Jazz, as it is an excellent manual and periodic maintenance for Honda (Fit, Jazz) produced in 2001-2007. draws Your attention to the fact that the Honda Jazz and Honda Fit is equipped with petrol engine models L1ЗА (volume 1.3 liters), or engine model L15A (1.5 liters).
The book contains important and detailed instructions for adjustment and repair of the main elements of the management system of the above-mentioned gasoline engines (Honda and Honda L15A L1ЗА ), systems of change of phases of gas distribution (all of the famous Honda VTEC system). The guide addresses issues of adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions of Honda (Jazz and Fit) and variator (CVT). The manual describes the maintenance operation of the brake system (+ ABS) steering and Honda, as well as her pendants.
Download for informational purposes "Honda Fit / Jazz (2001-2007) manual", a layout of the electrical components of Honda vehicles and a description of the procedure for conducting inspections of items of electrical equipment.
Repair manual Honda Fit / Jazz is designed for - auto repair training programs auto mechanic, auto repair technician, automotive repair training.

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