In this book represents the user manual, maintenance and repair of HONDA CR-V, produced since 2001. HONDA CR-V was equipped with petrol engines such as: DOHC i-VTEC К20А4 (2.0 l), К20А5 (2.0 l, without catalyst), К24А1 (2.4 l).
The guide contains detailed instructions on maintenance, diagnostics and subsequent repair of HONDA CR-V. the book Also describes the procedures for adjusting engine control systems, electronic stability system (VSA), brake system HONDA CR-V (including anti blocking system ABS and EBD system). Described in the manual the necessary repairs to the system wheel drive car (HONDA Real-Time 4WD), a specialized motion control system for running or climbing - Grade Logic Control System CR-V, etc.

Described in detail stepwise procedure of self-diagnosis of engine control systems HONDA, its automatic transmission and ABS.
Presented in this guide information will enable car owners to independently carry out the maintenance of the car.
In the case of repair this manual will be an indispensable tool to identify and eliminate breakdowns in all of the important components of a HONDA car. Step-by-step illustrated description of repair procedures, reference data, and prompts allow you to choose the required options for the replacement of spare parts and make an adjustment or straightening of body parts, etc.

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