ShopManual Honda: Civic 3D, 5D, CR-V, FR-V, Jazz / Fit 2007 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Honda Shop Manual - electronic manual on repair and maintenance of car Honda Civic 3D, 5D; CR-V; FR-V; Jazz / Fit contains detailed instructions and a detailed description of all nodes and the electric circuit (the wiring diagram of Honda).

The considered models Honda:
- Honda Civic 5D 2006.
Honda Civic 3D 2007 (fn1, fn2, fn3)
- Honda CR-V 2007 (re1, re2, re3, re4, re5, re6)
- Honda FR-V 2005-2007 years (be1, be3)
- Honda Jazz / Fit 2002-2006 years and 2002-2007, (gd1, gd5)

Contains a user manual cars:
Honda Accord
Honda Civic 4D
Honda Civic 5D
Honda Civic TypeR,
Honda Jazz

Platform: html
System requirements: the Internet Explorer browser. B browser Mozila Firefox 3 Honda ShopManual doesn't work.

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