Another guide to repair, maintenance and operation of Hyundai Sonata produced during the period 2001-2006. The Hyundai Sonata was equipped with petrol engines DOHC models G4JP (volume 2.0 liters), G4JS (2.4 l volume) and G6BA (V6 2,7 liters). And the model of Sonata production to the Russian TagAZ 2004 and came equipped with engines models and G4JP G6BA.

The guide contains detailed information to diagnose, repair and fine adjustment of the engines ' entire line of production, systems of injection of fuel MFI, ignition, run, and others. In the book there are instructions for use of the owner of the car system self-diagnostic engine, automatic transmission, ABS, TCS, EBD, SRS. Also described in the manual of the system to maintain a constant vehicle speed, the cabin air conditioning system, recommendations for adjustment of mechanical and automatic gearboxes.

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