KIA SPORTAGE (2010+) - guide to repair and maintenance of SPORTAGE vehicles manufactured in 2010 and equipped gasoline G4KD (2.0 liters) or D4HA diesel (2.0-liter CRDI) engine.

This book contains: - step-by-step description of the procedures and operation, repair and perform scheduled maintenance Kia Sportage 2010 model year.
The publication contains a section - a instruction manual, which has detailed information on conducting car maintenance and diagnosis of failures, a description of the stages of works on repair and adjustment of key engine systems (including systems of fuel injection gasoline engine G4KD, fuel system Common Rail diesel motor D4HA, ignition systems, turbocharging). In the guidelines recommendations for adjustment and repair of mechanical or automatic gearboxes, transfer box, brake system (including anti lock braking system (ABS), electronic system of redistribution of brake efforts (EBD), stability control (ESP)).
Provides guidance on the use of the owner or master diagnostics engine control, automatic transmission, ABS, ESP, system to connect all wheel drive, air conditioning systems and SRS.
Presented in this guide the basic electrical diagram KIA SPORTAGE and descriptions of the verification of elements of an electric equipment of the car.
The book describes possible faults and malfunctions KIA and methods of their elimination by the car owner, the main mating dimensions of the parts and limits of their allowable wear, lists the recommended lubricants and working fluids and their volumes. Given
part numbers of the components and parts necessary for the repair and maintenance of car KIA SPORTAGE.

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