Repair manual KIA CERATO (G4ED & G4GC & G4FC) 2004-2007-2009
Model 2004-2007 release with petrol engines G4ED (1.6 l) and G4GC (2.0 l)
Model 2007-2009 edition with petrol engine G4FC (1.6 l) and G4GC (2.0 l)
The guide provides step-by-step procedures for operation, repair and maintenance of front-drive Kia CERATO 2004-2009 years of manufacture, equipped with petrol engines G4ED (1.6 l), G4FC (1.6 l) and G4GC (2.0 l ) .
Fully considered by the restyled 2007 model year, including changes of engine and transmission.
Handbook on repair KIA CERATO contains a complete set of electrical schematics for redesigned models for 2007.

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