KIA CEE'd (Сeed) petrol / diesel from 2007 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

Guidance for repair, maintenance, operation, and diagnostics of the car Kia Ceed 2007 release equipped gasoline engines G4FA-GSL, G4FC-GSL, G4GC-GSL working volume of 1,4, 1,6, and 2.0 l D4FB diesel engine, D4EA working volume of 1.6, 2.0 ltr.

The manual contains detailed information required to diagnose and repair components and assemblies of the vehicle. Special attention is given to the device and repair of various engine types, cooling system, fuel system, gear box (mechanical and automatic 4ACF), suspension, steering, brakes, body, electrical. Such information would be very rational to use by motorists in case of a necessary repair procedures.

In separate sections of the manual includes operating instructions and maintenance, Kia Led, circuits of electrical equipment (wiring) of the machine and tightening torques of threaded connections. The book will become a necessary attribute for each owner Kia Ceed, for employees of service stations, service stations and auto services. True car the book is useful primarily because it contains all necessary reference information and technical data necessary to repair considering the brand of car.

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