Mazda 6 (L8, LF, L3) Atenza 2002 - user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation.
A guide to repair and maintenance of car Mazda 6 release from 2002, equipped with petrol engines L8 (1.8 l), LF (2.0 l) and L3 (2,3 l).
This book can be used in the repair of all systems right-hand drive Mazda Atenza.
The repair manual Mazda 6 includes sections: diagnostics and adjustment of engine management system gasoline engines (ignition, cruise control, fuel injection system MFI), starting system, charging the Mazda 6.
The manual includes detailed instructions for using the system self-diagnosis , including automatic transmission, ABS (antilock brake system), TCS (traction control system), SRS (airbag system) and recommendations for adjustment of mechanical and automatic transmissions, adjustment and repair of brake components (including ABS and EBD (electronic system of distribution of brake efforts)), steering, suspension of car Mazda 6.
Possible fault the Mazda 6 and methods of their elimination are described in a separate Chapter.
The mating dimensions of the main parts and limits of their allowable wear, recommended lubricants and working gigastorage to this book.
Describes the structural changes suffered by units and units of the car in the production process.
In separate sections of the publication includes instruction manual Mazda 6, recommendations for maintenance and electrical circuit (wiring) of the car.

Number of pages: 326

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