Mercedes C-class W-203 with 2000 - a multimedia user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
The user manual, maintenance and repair of the Mercedes C-class (W-203) since 2000 . All models Sedans, Coupes and station wagons (C180, С200К, C230K, C240, C320, С32AMG, С200CDI, C220CDI, C270CDI), equipped with a gasoline inline 4-h cylinder and V-shaped 6-cylinder engines and inline 4 and 5 cylinder diesel engines produced since 2000.

The second generation Mercedes C-class (body 203) appeared on the market in may 2000 in the performance Sedan, in September 2000 - sports Coupe, and in January 2001, the Universal (model T).

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