Mercedes-Benz Vito (108CDI.110CDI.112CDI) 1998-2004 - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.

In this book, based on original information considered model Mercedes Benz Vito 108 CDI (MQ3), 110 CDI (MQ4), 112 CDI (MQ5) 1998-2004 model years.

Diesel engines CDI:

OM611.980 - 60 kW (82 HP);

OM611.980 - 80 kW (109 HP);

OM611.980 - 95 kW (130 HP).

This guide provides General information about the device of various modifications of the vehicle, recommendations for maintenance, description of all systems of engine, transmission with a manual transmission, steering booster, brake systems with ABS and stability system. For more details on this information about the functioning of power systems and engine management with an accumulation of the fuel manifold high-pressure "Common Rail". Without electrical circuits.

Number of pages: 208

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