Electronic multimedia guide to repair and maintenance Mersedes cars series W 123 models: 200, 230, 230Е, 250, 280, 280Е, sedan, models such as: 200T, 230Т,230ТЕ, 250T, 280ТЕ, body: station wagon; models 230S, 230СЕ, 280S, 280СЕ in the coupe.
Mersedes cars series W 123 installed four and six-cylinder gasoline engines models: M102, M110, М115 and М123.
Mersedes engines models M 102, M 115, M-123 have one located upper camshaft (ONS), and the engines M 110 have two upper located camshafts (DОНС).
Most components and assemblies of engines are largely unified.

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