Presents technical manual with step by step description of repair and maintenance of Mitsubishi models: - Colt, Lancer, Mirage 1991-1996 model years, as well as Mitsubishi and Lancer Libero Wagon 1991-2000 release. These cars are equipped with petrol engines models 4G13 (1.3 l), 4G15 (1.5 l), 4G91 (1.5 l), 4G92 (1.6 l), 4G93 (1.8 l) and diesel model engine 4D68 (2.0 l) .
The book contains detailed data on the diagnosis, repair and adjustment of engine control systems for gasoline (MPI fuel injection, ignition, branded systems MIVEC, and MVV) and diesel (injection pump, turbo) engines, also systems starting and charging. In the book there are instructions for using the systems self-diagnostics, including automatic transmission, ABS and SRS, recommendations for adjustment of mechanical and automatic gearboxes, adjustment and repair of brake components (including ABS), steering, suspension car. Lists the possible malfunctions and methods of their self-eliminate, provided the mating dimensions of the main parts and limits of their allowable wear, this recommended lubricants and working fluids. Separately in the book there are detailed wiring diagrams for various options of car.

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