The user manual, maintenance and repair of cars Nissan Qashqai manufactured from 2007. And Nissan Qashqai+2, produced in 2008. These cars are equipped with petrol engines working volume of 1.6 and 2.0 liters (R4/16V).
In the first section of the book provides information about the car, his passport details, description of instruments and controls Qashqai.
In the subsequent sections - the second, third and fourth, provides important guidance on the operation of the car, provided the safety rules during the operation and carrying out repairs and planned works, describes possible faults and breakage in transit.
In the fifth section of the repair manual Nissan Qashqai details the engine and its repair, and rehabilitation of basic systems such as power system, cooling, exhaust, lubrication and others.
In sections six, seven, eight, nine described the Nissan drivetrain, suspension, steering and brake system of the car - all this is described in detail.
Tenth section - electrical equipment of the vehicle and its main elements such as: - battery, starter, generator - described replacement of the lighting and alarm systems.
Eleventh section - the replacement of components and body panels.
In the twelfth and thirteenth sections of the guide describes the repair of an air conditioning system, heating and ventilation, replacement of elements of the security system Nissan Qashqai.
Application manuals contain important for operation, maintenance and car repair information - tightening torques of threaded connections, lamps and spark plugs, used fuel and lubricants, special liquids and gas volumes.
At the end of the book shows a colored wiring diagram.

Publisher: Third Rome

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