Skoda Octavia 1996 - a multimedia user guide / instruction on repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
As each product we use on your car I would like to know at least the basics. To have information about its technical parameters, how it arose, on a constructive solution, service, use and operational opportunities not only from the standpoint of safety drive and use all the features of the car, but, taking into consideration the economic aspects of exploitation, also durability of the vehicle. The škoda Octavia model range are the favorite brainchild of designers and technologists of the company ""SKODA-AO automobile plant"," and VW (Volkswagen). As in all other large automotive companies, VW is applying proven constructively committed manufactured in large series components, at the same time for most car types with their related brands. Unification allows to reduce the price of items and also reduce the number of spare parts and thus to improve the service.
View (design) of the car body Octavia fully established stylists ""SKODA-AO automobile plant"". Structural layout was also developed in the center of experimental production using a computer system CAD/ Cam of VW and other firms. The body meets the high requirements of aesthetics, as well as the highest security requirements under impact and torsional rigidity. The bottom of the body developed in the framework of the joint with VW's strategic concept for the lifter Skoda Octavia even more optimized, especially in spars and attachment points related to the chassis.
By the mentioned decision of the body, chassis and engines in cars of the Octavia range has been achieved a high structural level, high utility value of the car, environmental friendliness and a high level of production and repair technologies and, most importantly, the overall quality level comparable to European standard.
A number of parts of the car, of course, is made known specialized firms, suppliers, local and foreign. It must be emphasized that all data presented in subsequent chapters are merely informative. I hope they will be useful to readers interested in getting acquainted with the device and design of the car Skoda Octavia. For maintenance and repair needs to exclusively use the service of Skoda.

Description and main technical data
We must remember that the subsequent information given in the book, obtained in the process of becoming a serial production, i.e. for 1996. The specified range of types and modifications, as bodies and engines, and gearboxes manufacturer will gradually change and expand.
Cars Skoda Octavia have a monocoque made of steel stampings. The engine placed in the front across the body and drives the front wheels. This concept, corresponding to global trends, allows to expand the range of bodies with minimal changes in production technology and the range of spare parts.
In the process of formation, i.e. in the second half of 1996, started the production car, with a unified sedan in three versions: LX, GLX and SLX. This time featuring production were offered three engines: two petrol (the 1.6 55 kW and 1.8 92 kW) and one diesel (1.9 TDI-66 kW). All engines in the exhaust tract have a catalyst exhaust. Transmission - with manual operation; in cars equipped with the engine of 1.8-92 kW, is possible to install automatic transmission.
Review equipment uniform modifications are described in the following sections of this Chapter. The main technical parameters are summarized in the table. So here is only a brief approximate description of the car.

Installation: not required

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