Repair manual SUBARU LEGACY / OUTBACK (1989-1998) engine - gasoline / diesel.

Presents background information guide to repair and periodic maintenance of such vehicles as the Subaru Legacy / Outback 1989-1998 model years. Subaru Legacy is equipped with petrol engines working volume of 1,6; 1,8; 2,0; 2,0 Turbo, 2.2 and 2.5 liter - DOHC or SOHC.
The book contains hundreds of illustrations that illustrate in detail the successive stages of repair works and procedures periodic maintenance. In the guidelines sections for quick search of breakdowns or malfunctions and methods of their self-elimination. Presented the electric scheme Subaru Legacy will help you to quickly find the problem in the vehicle's electrical system and facilitate the installation of the desired additional equipment.

ISBN repair manual SUBARU LEGACY / LEGACY OUTBACK: 5-88850-137-9

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