Subaru Legacy, Outback (2004 and later) - manual repair, maintenance and operation of the vehicle.
Manual SUBARU LEGACY / OUTBACK in Russian.

Congratulations on your purchase of a SUBARU. The present user Manual
contains all the necessary information to maintain Your SUBARU in excellent
condition and ensure reliable operation of the system to reduce the toxicity of exhaust gases. We
we strongly encourage You to carefully read this Manual that
to help You better understand the structure and the operation of Your vehicle. For more
information not included in this Guide relating to repair,
maintenance and adjustments of the car, You can always call the SUBARU dealer,
whom You purchased your car, or to the nearest SUBARU dealer.
All information, specifications and illustrations contained in this
Guide apply at the time of its publication. Company FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD.
reserves the right to make changes in specifications and design without car
notice of such changes, and without making a commitment
making the same or similar changes in previously sold cars. This
The manual is for all models of car and includes the full
description of the equipment, including accessories, factory installed-
the manufacturer on demand. So some comments may relate to equipment not
installed on Your car.
Leave this Manual in the vehicle when re-selling. The new owner also
you will need the information contained in it.
NOTE: the Term refers to any SUBARU dealer official dealer of the company
SUBARU and/or company for repair and maintenance of SUBARU.

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